The Romanian Institute of Osteopathy aims to ensure in Romania a way of treatment based on a holistic evaluation of patients in order to re-establish their health. We engage ourselves in building a solid foundation as our purpose is to make osteopathy the future way of healing.

The Romanian Institute of Osteopathy places an accent on traditional osteopathy, on the subtle notion of primary breathing and of body unity.

If you wish to become a part of the community of future osteopaths from OsteoRe School, first understand the real benefits gained by learning this profession of the future in our school.

Pedagogic team

The Institute Romanian of Osteopathy is a Romanian facility that harnesses osteopathic knowledge gained in France.

You will learn directly from D.O Osteopaths, mainly Romanian and French, with a wide experience in their field, that are looking forward to train future osteopaths in Romania.

There will be doctors, 8 D.O. Osteopaths and a continuously developing team as well as more teachers during each training weekend.


We defined in the most comprehensive way, the quality and duration of theoretical and practical study: 2520 hours of training and individual study + 240 hours of clinical practice.

Four years Osteopathy clinics (CTO - osteopathy techniques Certificate) 920 hours of training of which 120 hours of clinical practice, plus 220 hours of individual study per school year - You will become a Technician in Osteopathic Techniques.

Two years Residency in Osteopathic (DOO - Diploma of Osteopathy OsteoRe): 520 hours of training, of which 120 hours of clinical practice, plus 220 hours of individual study per school year - You will become Osteopath DOO

We emphasize the formation of extremely sharp manual perception capabilities, of the subtle rhythms of the body.

We guarantee cabinet assistance, cabinet practice under supervision, clinical practice.

The Institute Romanian of Osteopathy program comprises medical subjects of interest in osteopathy: anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, pathophysiology, traumatology, radiology, pharmacology, psychology

OsteoRe curriculum is according to the Osteopathic Techniques Reference in France and "Benchmarks for Training in Osteopathy" - OMS 2010.

Public relations and community

OsteoRe aims to constantly promote the school and the profession of osteopathy in the media in Romania, hoping that the school graduates will benefit from this exposure.

Students from the Romanian Institute of Osteopathy become members of the OsteoRe Association, their contact details being published on the School's website.

Osteopathic College of Romania

To protect our value of training and the profession, we've created the "Osteopathic College of Romania" (C.O.R.) where you will be able to join starting with the fifth year of study