The theoretical and practical osteopathic course (Clinics and Residency) is conducted during 6 years.

There will be 72 seminars (currently their number is 4 x 12 for the Clinics and 3 x 2 for the V and VI years).

The number of current seminars is foreseen to increase over the next three years in order to achieve the standard of 72 seminars for the 6 years of schooling, which is reflected in 2520 hours of individual training + 240 hours of clinical practice.

The number of Seminars in Years V and VI will increase progressively over the course of the two years to reach 12 seminars per year.

Students who do more than 12 seminars per year during the Clinics (the first four years), will be able to deduce these additional seminars from the 24 seminars of the residency period (Years V and VI).

Students from year I and year IV are members of the OsteoRe Association.

Resident students (V and VI years) become members of the "Osteopathic College of Romania" (C.O.R.).

At the end of the two years, resident students will have to present a memorial and take a clinical examination in the presence of an international jury in Romania.

Graduation of this exam gives the resident in osteopathy the title of: Osteopat - D.O.O. (Diploma of Osteopathy OsteoRe).

The student's workload for attending seminars, clinical practice, volunteering, and individual study hours required for professional training is measured in ECTS. Allocation of credits refers to all mandatory and optional courses offered within the school, including practical internships, as well as to the successful completion and support of graduation works (bachelor's, dissertation, diploma projects).

ECTS - "European Credit Transfer System" is used to record the professional results of the students and to transfer the professional results obtained by the student as a result of attending and promoting some subjects included in the curricula of other schools in the country and abroad or of other study programs in their own school.

Membership of the C.O.R.

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Even though the osteopathy is recognized as a profession in other European countries, it is not yet included in the Index (the nomenclature) of Professions from Romania.

Presently, there are no Osteopathy Diplomas acknowledged by the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Education or Minister of Health.