Each time we start the enrolling session for a new generation of osteopath at OsteoRe School, we welcome new applicants comprised of special people preoccupied for the wellbeing of their fellows.

In order to take good care of each future osteopath, the number of trainees is limited to 40. Enlisting is open to high-school graduates.

OsteoRe allows enrolling of students with the minimum age of 16 years, as well as attendants over 60, the latter receiving a discount of 50%.

The registration for the next series of students is currently on-going and training will begin in September 2018

The registration fee is 100 RON

The annual subscription fee in OsteoRe Association is 1800 euro, that includes 12 seminars per year. The membership fee can be paid in full at the beginning of the school year or in monthly instalments - € 150 per seminar, or you can start paying during the summer, starting with July so that it will be easier during the school year.

Students of the OsteoRe Osteopathy School benefit from a series of discounts throughout the school year.

Any extra course besides the 12 mandatory one-year graduates has a cost of only 100 euros, compared to 150 euros - the normal rate for a course

For registration, please fill in the following online form:

REGISTRATION - Osteopathy School

You may also consult the financial convention and the internal regulation. Or you can download the forms HERE in order to fill them in and send them directly by e-mail:

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Equivalents of exams

Medical graduates: the exams of medical subjects are equivalent for all years.

Graduates of kinetic-therapy: the exams taken in the first year of study at Anatomy, Traumatology and Physiology are equivalent.

Osteopathic graduates of modules from other schools (structural visceral, cranial or fascial techniques): the exams in these modules are equivalent. The number of hours of study will be equivalent.

Graduates of three cranium-sacral modules: the exams in cranial discipline from second years are equivalent.

Graduates of certified massage schools: the Anatomy exam from year I is equivalent.